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YouthNoise is a web-based program created to motivate young people ages 13-26, to improve their lives and the lives of children and youth, worldwide, through volunteering, fundraising and speaking out. (Whew. Say that ten times fast.) YouthNoise Inc. is a non-stock corporation and is a tax-exempt organization pursuant (that’s right, we said ‘pursuant’) to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). In other words, we’re not in it to make money. If you sign up/register with YouthNoise on our web site to become a NOISEmaker, you’ll have the chance explore issues affecting young people, connect with your peers about these issues and take action to make change. You’ll get to use our interactive tools, created to inform people about opportunities to get involved in volunteer activities, either online, or in their area. And you’ll also have access to all sorts of news and information through linked sites. Please read this Privacy Policy and Other Agreements carefully, as it describes our understanding with you regarding your participation in YouthNoise. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms whenever we want. If you continue to use the site after changes to the terms, it means you have accepted those terms. And believe us, while it is our mission in life to make your experience a meaningful and safe one, we would like to point out that you are interacting on the YouthNoise site at your own risk.

Youth Global Voice is a volunteer networking website. This serves to connect 3 important parties, volunteers and donors with projects. Growing up Tedd and Seraphin Bernard start Young Minds Educational Program, with the efforts to help underprivileged and under represent youth like themselves exhaust resources that are available to them…. YouthGlobalVocie allows volunteers to post and make a profile for community service projects that they have initiated and or need to initiate. Their profile will be equipped with project management, social networking, and e-commerce features. This will enable volunteers who envision a solution to a problem to post the solution, attract other volunteers to the project (who can help them develop the idea) as well as potential donors.
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